Sexual health is important no matter how old you are. But, your sex drive might start to decrease as you get older. 

This loss of libido can happen for a number of reasons. However, one of the most common factors is hormone issues. There are many key hormones, like testosterone and estrogen, that play a significant role in sexual health. Although many people struggle with their sexual health each day, there are various solutions.

For Men & Women

When it comes to a man’s libido, it usually starts to decline around age 30 and sex isn’t the same as it was years ago. This is mostly due to one key hormone: testosterone. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for sexual health in men and when this hormone is low there can be many issues beyond dimished sex drive.

Low testosterone can lead to difficulty achieving and sustaining an erection, fertility issues, and overall loss of pleasure. 

For women, libido can start to decline at any age but it usually occurs closer to menopause. This is because when women reach menopause, estrogen levels start to significantly decline which can lead to vaginal dryness, soreness during intercourse, and loss of pleasure. 

Along with low testosterone & estrogen, other health factors can also influence libido. Increased periods of stress or poor sleep are two important factors to consider with low sex drive, because of the excess strain it puts on the body.

No matter the cause, there are many solutions for sexual wellness in men and women.

Change Your Health Habits

Finding ways to manage your stress or improve your sleep are perhaps the easiest fixes when it comes to enhancing your sex drive. These health habits are the first place to start when you begin to face sexual issues.

Try to practice mindfulness, meditation, or engage in physical activity to reduce excess stress. You can also improve your sleep by setting a bedtime routine, and sticking to it each night.

Prescription Medications

There are certain generic medications that can improve sexual health in men. Prescription products like Cialis or Viagra can significantly reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. There are also multiple options available to women to help reduce vaginal dryness or soreness during intercourse. 

If you believe that this solution could work for you, it is best to consult your medical provider and ask about available options.

Hormone  Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) specifically targets the key hormones involved in sexual health: testosterone and estrogen. With this solution, you can begin to replace the hormones your body has lost and bring your levels back to an optimal point.

Many patients who are on HRT report that sexual health is one of the first benefits they notice during treatment. Not only does HRT help enhance your sex drive, it can also help regulate mood, boost your energy, and reduce body fat which all play a role in libido. 

Ask your Provider today about HRT options.